About Clara Design

Clara Lawson, Director

Founded in 1992, the "Clara LLC" specializes in Haute Couture, clothing, hairdressing and beauty treatments. As part of promoting her own label, Clara Sarl organizes cultural events and fashion shows.

Clara Sarl is also involved in the general and representatives of the major brands like Darphin and HOMME KENZO. Clara Lawson Ames CEO/FOUNDER OF CLARA DESIGN COMPANY.

Clara in the News

August 2010- Notre Afrik Magazine
August 2010- Clara Design® dresses (Krystle )Awurama Simpson, Miss Universe Ghana 2010
July 2010- Afrik.com
June 2010- Le Renouveau February 2010- Essence.com
January 2010- New African Woman link 1 link 2
November 2009, DC EXAMINER
Ghana Fashion Week 2008 - Jamati Online
Ghana Fashion Week 2008 - European Commission
Sira Vision 2009 - Jamati Online
Sira Vison 2009 - AllAfrica.com

About Clara Design